When will we stop muting the voice of the deep orderliness?

so easily we forget the enormity,
the complexity, of it all,
searching from micro to macro,
missing one for another,
refusing to lift the canopy.

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  1. Interested to see your link to '5 Things to do Before you Build Your Personal Brand'

    What do you think about this kind of personal marketing and branding?

    I have a split personality (profile) in this respect. For years I tried to keep by work world separate from my personal world. But with everything increasingly linked and integrated that becomes impossible. But I now feel and incoherence in my Internet presence.

    My guess is that you do not have that problem - personal and work are much more integrated and coherent. At least, I can't see a gap.

  2. I guess my personal and professional lives are more integrated than most. I work at a Christian university and I am studying to teach at Christian university (which means much of my free time is spent thinking about such things). In addition, each week I force the various parts of my life together by thinking through the ideas in a matrix and intuiting the intersections of the various ideas (yes, I am a geek), under the assumption that everything really does go together, even if it does not seem so.

    I guess if the world had been this web-integrated back when I worked in production control at an electro-magnetic relay company, I would have had a split personality as well.

    Even so, I am finding that the ponderings on personal branding are not meshing at all with the 31 days to a better blog that problogger is doing right now: the mission of my life is not really meshing with the mission of the blog--though I've yet to dip in that pool in earnest.