fermented, flavored, and fragrant

  • Breakfast: plain, unsweetened kefir and sunflower seeds
  • Lunch: green cabbage and leeks, sliced fine and sauteed in coconut oil; pork french garlic sausage, sauteed in coconut oil and sliced; with a sauce of beef stock, flavored by simmering in leek tops, strained, and reduced with dried ginger
  • Dinner: cheese plate, with sliced blood orange, pata cabra , and bucheron st. saviol
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  1. I've been drinking goat kefir a fair bit lately. I usually put a few spoonfuls of pureed mixed berries in there. I just discovered bucheron a couple weeks ago and it's now one of my favorite cheeses.

  2. I was used to drink kefir 'back in the day,' but got away from it--and unsweetened became nearly impossible to find,--so this is my first in a long while. I had it this morning for breakfast, and I must say, I like the feel better than the pucks. I may try to figure out if I can make my own, but we'll see.