Making Room for Geeks and Tangents

I am a member of a great Bible study; I and my fellow members share two characteristics that make this study a bit different from most I've participated in: we are geeks [1] and we love tangents. Sometimes this combination creates an unfortunate wandering, other times it creates a most amazing synergy of ideas.

So, how can we make more space for synergy and less for wandering?

Two components come into play.
  • Structure
    • Have a stated orderliness that front-loads the detailed passage work.
    • Allow ample space at the end for responsible creativity and tangent riding.
  • Purposes
    • Learn subjection to our Lord in all of life, bearing his image well as a people.
    • Develop wisdom that applies knowledge to the art of living well.
How will we do this? Not sure yet.

[1] I refer here to definition #3 in Merriam-Webster (" an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity"), not the carnival performer with a strange affection for chicken heads.

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