Speed Bumps on the Primal Journey

My primal journey has two key hindrances right now:
  • I live in a hostile environment (every food establishment and machine on campus is full of poison junk food and useless carbs).
  • I'm out of touch with my survival drive.

Some initial thoughts on responding to each:
  • Hostile environment
    • Improve information flows (internal and external), seeking better quality and faster delivery.
    • Make small changes, as larger changes can cause the system to go wonky.
  • Survival drive
    • Perform regular praxis, reflecting on chosen inputs and the physical-mental-spiritual responses.
    • Learn to thoughtfully leverage instinct. (What's behind that yearning for Cool Ranch Doritos?)

Still in progress...

History of Life: A Very Short Introduction
Primal lifestyle

Thinking in Systems: A Primer

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Unlike you, I am avoiding pork - which, alas, is dad's favorite meat. In addition, someone in the house makes some sort of tasty baked dessert at least once a week (that infrequently is actually rare). There's no snackage around at work that's healthy. Fortunately, I live with an excellent chef who can make chicken (for example) about 30 different ways.

    I have found that my "cravings" come in one of two varieties: sweet and salty, sometimes both. Nuts and cheeses do wonders to satiate the salty and berries or dried fruit can cover the sweet. If it's both, cheese with a bit of honey is delectable.

  2. Could the chips be for the crunch?

  3. Jeff, could be. I'm not quite sure what to sub. Vege chips don't do it for me. I had cracklins yesterday; they were good.