Stressing over Money and Time

I'm starting the nitty-gritty of Talbot's Ph.D. program in a scant few weeks and I'm finding myself stressed about finances (just found out I owe substantial dollars I did not know I owed) and time (I've no clue how long everything will take).

Mind you, my financial situation does not compare with my fellow students (I work at Biola; there are benefits). A bit of careful observation of facts (the "summer class" was really a "fall class") would have headed off the problem and some creative resourcing will help alleviate it. Time is a bigger issue, for it is an unknown. What I can do is determine how much time I have available (a time log will provide the needed data) and then figure out how to do some creative combining and removing.

Anyhow, sorry to complain, but this is the tangent of the day.

Starting the Ph.D.

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  1. Money stress was just relieved: I found out the waiver limit is tied to when one takes the course, not to the "official term."


  2. Good to hear about the finances - the time is tricky. I think logs are always a good idea.

  3. Honestly, the log is likely a bit of cover. I know my two most common time wasters, but am currently unwilling to give them up. Maybe when I begin to experience the actual coursework, the reality of it all will shock me into compliance. :-)