Isaiah 43--Tentative Flow of Thought

  • context: 42:21-25 Yahweh exercises just wrath against sinning, rebellious, disobedient Israel.
  • 43:1-7 Yahweh commands Israel to not fear despite impending judgment, for he is their present, redemptive God and he will restore his people.
  • 43:8-13 Yahweh, the only God and Savior, chose Israel to be his witnesses and chosen servant. [1]
  • 43:14-21 Yahweh, Redeemer, Israel's Holy One, Lord of all, Creator and King of Israel, overthrows Babylon, commands Israel to think in a new way, forgetting the old and looking toward the new thing Yahweh is doing.
  • 43:22-24 Despite promised redemption, chosen status, and the new thing Yahweh is doing, Israel burdens Yahweh with sins and iniquities rather than blessing him with sacrifices and offerings.
  • 43:25-28 Yahweh, Israel's Redeemer, calls Israel to take him to court and let the evidence of corporate sin show the punishment as just.


Isaiah 43

Chosen, Called, and Loved–but Stubborn

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