Isaiah 44-45: Tentative Flow of Thought

  • 44:1-8 No Fear
    • 44:1-5 Yahweh, Creator of Jacob, commands his chosen servant Jacob not to fear, for he will bless and restore the nation and the earth.
    • 44:6-7 Yahweh, King, Redeemer, and Lord of armies, the only God, commands not to fear, for he declared them his witnesses from of old.
  • 44:9-23 Creator God
    • 44:9-20 Isaiah describes, in humorous detail, the utter foolishness of trusting a god you've made yourself.
    • 44:21-22 The Creator and Chooser of Israel calls Israel to remember and return, for he has redeemed.
    • 44:23 Isaiah calls the heavens, depths, and forest to sing and shout, Yahweh has redeemed Israel.
  • 44:24-45:13 Chosen Blesser
    • 44:24-28 Yahweh, Redeemer, former of Israel, Creator of everything, and the one who frustrates the prophets of the idols, confirms his prophets, and will restore Israel through Cyrus.
    • 45:1-7 Yahweh, who anointed Cyrus, proves to Cyrus that he is Yahweh by breaking Cyrus' enemies and he proves himself to Israel by calling Cyrus by name before the events occur, so that Israel (all?) may know there is only one true God, Yahweh.
    • 45:8 Yahweh calls the heavens to shower the earth so that righteousness will spring up.
    • 45:9-10 Isaiah (Yahweh?) pronounces a woe upon all who question their maker, comparing them to those who question an in-process-of-birth parent.
    • 45:11-13 Yahweh, Holy One and Maker of Israel, confronts Israel's questioning, reminding the them he is Creator of all and Caller of Cyrus, who is the rebuilder.
  • 45:14-25
    • 45:14 Yahweh gives Yahweh-honoring Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Sabeans to Israel.
    • 45:15-17 Isaiah praises God, who hides himself from idolaters, but saves Israel.
    • 45:18-19 Yahweh, Creator and Former of an orderly earth, declares himself to Israel, reminding his people that he called them openly and clearly and that he is not hidden in chaos.
    • 45:20-23 Those from the ends of the earth are called to assemble, to take counsel with Yahweh, and to turn to him and be saved, for he is the only God and he will be worshiped.
    • 45:24-28 Yahweh declares the conclusion: righteousness and strength are in him, all against him will be put to shame, and all Israel's children shall triumph and glory in him.

Isaiah 44-45
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