Primal Pondering: Philosophy, Theology, and Fat Calipers

I received my new fat calipers Monday and this got me thinking about how we evaluate health. One way is to use science and look at fat percent, weight, blood lipids, c-reactive protein, vitamin D levels, blood pressure, blood sugar, and a host of other measures. Then, if we are wise, we check the relationship between our inputs and these outputs and make appropriate adjustments before resorting to medications (and, yes, I reveal here a bias). We can also compose a science-informed narrative of our health, compare it with our friend Grok and respond accordingly.

Perception is another important evaluation tool. We take note of how we feel in the morning and at the end of the day. We note our emotions and their connection to our inputs and outputs. We check our spirit and our relation to God. We realize our soul-body-life linkages--that everything affects everything--and make appropriate adjustments. We look at the narratives we tell ourselves and whether or not they are accurate ("I'm healthy" or "I'm fat" for example). We seek to understand the true good life and set our goals.

So, health is body, soul, and life. We must evaluate accordingly. Bodily health alone is insufficient. Emotional health alone is insufficient. Both are moot without a relationship of trust with the Creator.

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