Post-Labor Day Primal Health Update

  • Saturday: homework, lounging, and mostly primal food (prime rib, potatoes, steak, kim chee and sardine soup)
  • Sunday: one hour moderate walk; mostly primal food (pork rinds, plums, broccoli, tuna, baby back ribs, tri tip, fruit salad, and green salad)
  • Monday: 4x10 workout (push ups, lat pull downs, delt flies, squats...wore me out!); so-so primal food (pork rinds, plums, baby back ribs, chili with beans, amazing banana malt, goat milk)
Result: Gained about two pounds, probably water from the salt and carbs. Happily sore from the work out and ready for the week day mile walk. Feel good all 'round.

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