Life is a Spiritual Battle

We are surrounded by enemies: the world system, our corrupted human nature, and the demonic powers. We are in a war.

How should we respond?
  • Allow ourselves to be strengthened through our connection with God, submitting to God as persons-in-community through specific behaviors.
  • Equip ourselves with God's battle gear (ours is useless), again, as persons-in-community.
  • Realize the end of it is to remain standing once the battle is over. The ONLY way to do that is with God's strength, God's armor, and our decision to act.

Stuff to keep in mind:
  • Demons are real, but they are only part of the story. The corrupt world system and our own corrupt human nature comprise 2/3 of the story.
  • The battle is real and, on our own, we cannot prevail (in fact, the situation is worse: we can do nothing). The only way to engage in this battle--let alone prevail--is to pursue Christ passionately, working hard to maintain our connection with God, learning and using his equipment, and deciding to stand.
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