Unity, Worldview, and Intellectual Development

This post starts a new category on Laura's Writings: tangent matrix. Each weekday morning, in the space between blogging and homework, I run the day's blog-work topics through the topics to be studied in my thinking-writing time for school. Given the difficulty I've had of late coming up with things to blog, I've decided to blog what I've already been doing. I've written about matrix thinking before (Definition: Matrix Thinking), so head over there for a bit of a primer. Anyhow, here goes.

Definitions [1]
  • Holistic: emphasizing organic or functional relationships between parts and wholes
  • Integrated: separate parts united into complete, harmonious, or coordinated entities
  • Deep: marked by complexity, intensity, or a high degree of development of pertinent qualities

in Christ
forming a
holistic intellect
whole persons
in community
deep belief-
behavior connection
forming an
integrated intellect
submission to
the Holy Spirit
forming a
deep intellect
thinking for the
sake of the Body
work with the

[1] All supplied definitions are from Merriam-Webster 7.0 for Windows Mobile, (c) 2004-2007.
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