It's Snowing!

Those are the words I woke to this morning on the porch in Arrowhead. Well, at first I thought it was a child in distress and I poked my head out of the sleeping bag in a start. As I listened more closely, I heard the words, "It's snowing!" At that, I jumped out of the bag, back in the house to get the camera and Ann, and rushed outside to take the video. (For those who live where it snows all the time, stop the grinning: I live in Los Angeles, so seeing it snow is exciting).

By the way, for those who know me, yes, I slept outside. :-)

It's quite a good thing we've leftovers from Thanksgiving, a bit of raw veges from the store, and plenty of firewood.

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  1. That's awesome - I can't think of a better thing to wake up to on Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. Agreed. I thought it might snow, given the sky and the reports yesterday, but the fact of it was still amazing. Baby snow is such a wonderful thing.