Hot Chocolate v0117-2010

  1. Heat heavy cream to just before the boil.
  2. Add spice and vanilla.
  3. Simmer to blend flavors.
  4. Chop chocolate bar to meltable bits, add to the cream mixture, and whisk while melting chocolate.
  5. Enjoy immediately. I know I did.
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  1. This was extremely rich--fat wise--and while it might be too much for a beverage, I cooled a cup in the frig overnight and it made a fabulous mousse.

  2. That sounds intense, but delicious. Perhaps I'll try a half - I've got some Ghirardelli 60% chips hanging about in the kitchen.

  3. Twas intense--and quite caloric (a plus for you, eh). For me, I think half and half is sufficient (and not the full pint).

    Sugar wise, the 62% bar had just enough to barely sweeten. I liked that aspect a lot.