Does grace get us off the hook?

I say: Grace does not release us from responsibility; it recognizes our utter weakness and provides everything needed for responsible action.

What do you say?

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  1. I finally figured out what the phrase "off the hook" means. Ever noticed how ambiguous it is? What do you think?

  2. ModernSophist, Good catch--and helpful post over at your blog. Usage is such a cultural thing: I didn't even consider the nifty guy out on the town.

    (Just to be clear, The post title referring to ducking responsibility not being a nifty guy out on the town.)

    -AKA Tangentrider

  3. According to my six year old friend, "Grace is something we get that we don't deserve, like an amazing present."
    I think that it is undeserved, but it should not be taken for granted...

  4. "it should not be taken for granted."

    Well put. We dare not treat grace like a get out of jail free card and "play the game" without wisdom and responsibility.

    As a sidenote: I love 6-year-old wisdom. :-)