Are soul friendships organic or planned? Yes!

creativity transforms culture
revealing Christ over, in, through

the Body gathers
connections emerge

nurturing practices
tradition informed by change
over millennia
in the moment


  • framework to develop, connections to encourage, and practices to nurture relationships in intentional community
  • intentional community as intentional Christians

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  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Hi Laura,

    What are your thoughts on intentional community in relation to traditional forms of church (some say institutional church)?

    Search for 'intentional community' on this blog does not throw up anything. Maybe you have something elsewhere ...

  2. Hey Andrew,

    Thinking off the top of my head (and as part of the institutional church my entire life), I think many institutional churches, if they have real community (and certainly some do), it is unintentional. It may have sprung from structures--programs--intentionally put in place, but the reasoning is usually spiritual growth, outreach, or some such. Encouraging healthy community is not often on the menu.

    As for other ponderings on this, I probably have some stuff over on the other blog, under ecclesiology:

    This topic will likely come up more in the weeks to come, as one of the PhD courses is "Friendship and Community: Contexts for Growth".