I remember Fletcher Oil Fire in Carson

I was almost eight years old when this occurred and I happened to be in South Carson at the YWCA near Avalon and Sepulveda. My brother, Bill, had come to pick me up on his bicycle. As we prepared to head home, we stood in the YWCA front yard, facing north; we heard the explosion and felt the heat on the backs of our necks. Turning around to the south, we saw a fiery mushroom cloud in the sky. As I recall, my under-spoken brother said, Let's get home. And we left. 

SOUTH BAY HISTORY: Fletcher Oil Fire in Carson - The Daily Breeze: "Carson. Investigators never could say conclusively what caused the explosion and fire at the Fletcher Oil and Refining Co. plant in Carson on March 27, 1969.

Two people, truck driver Myron Chase of Long Beach and gauge operator Steve Yancy of Torrance, died as a result of the $1 million disaster at the refinery at 24721 S. Main Street, just north of Lomita Boulevard.

More than 150 people were injured, most treated for minor injuries.

The blaze began with the explosion of a 30,000-gallon tank at 5:27 p.m. The tank's lid blew off and flew about 700 feet in the air, landing in the middle of Main Street."

Go to the Daily Breeze to read more.

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