Paleo Solution: Initial Post-Scan Review

Yesterday, I received my copy of the brand spanky new Paleo Solution.  Today, I did a skim/quick read.  Here's the conclusion:

It is most assuredly NOT a rerun of The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.  Sisson's book is a great overview of the primal lifestyle, with just enough detail to get you going.  Wolf's book digs more deeply as only a former research biochemist/trainer can.  Genre-wise, it's a cross between PB and Gedgaudas' book, Primal Body Primal Mind.

After telling his own amazing journey to health through paleo, Wolf spends seven chapters unpacking the nuts and bolts of why paleo works: because it's how our bodies actually work.  He covers our hunter-gatherer identity, hormones, digestion, life-threatening conditions caused and/or worsened by improper hormone functioning, digestion in the gut and the terrible effects of grain, fats and fat, and stress and sleep.

The next group of chapters runs the reader through the implementation of paleo: without implementation, there is no point (Wolf makes this point repeatedly and passionately).  The doing of it includes moving, described and illustrated for folks of all levels.  Next are a general chapter on how to shop and eat--and why, tracking progress using internal and external measures, a detailed 30-day meal plan (with recipes), and a a detailed recommendation of supplements.  The book closes with a short epilogue and 31--that's THIRTY-ONE--pages of references for the geeks in the crowd.

I'll be studying this book--and implementing it :-) --over the next weeks.  For now, my recommendation is get it, read it, do it.

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