Should not unrighteousness make us angry?

Where is the visceral response to rebellion, the stark blaze of truth upon the rejector’s claims? Or am I silenced by complacency under-girded by fear?

  • Psalm 139:21
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  1. The leaders in church aren't teaching holiness. They teach that God is love, Jesus is our Saviour (nothing much more), and that we should attempt to share the good news of Jesus Christ while abounding in ignorance of who He is and abounding in ignorance of that "metanarrative" we spoke of earlier. They ignore sin, and teach the congregations to ignore it. "Don't worry about your sin, just come into God's presence", they say. In keeping with their mission of milktoast semonettes and igorant christians, they spend 95%, if not more, of their time jumping around in the new testament. They don't go through the Bible..they don't teach the metanarrative..they don't expound scripture. They read a couple of verses and then chit chat with the congregation trying to get a laugh and telling them what they think instead of what God says, not caring that they are stealing God's time and robbing Him of His glory. WE NEED TO REGULARLY STUDY THE BIBLE FROM COVER TO COVER. If we would allow God's word to permeate us through and through, then surely it would have such an effect on us as to cause a retraction from uholiness, and a life of holiness, even to to the point of shining light on another's error in hope of God's Spirit not only ministering to this person, but also for we ourselves to have a clear conscience before God.

    The blame can't be placed entirely on the leadership of churches. Individual believers should be studying God's word for themselves.

  2. Another thing that comes to mind is surrounding yourself with an encouraging group of believers that truly want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Not just believers that want to be in some class or something. No...we need to be around those that are ready to serve no matter what. Not only will we grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, but we will be more ready and able to help those who are weaker in the faith with an attitude and manifistation of love.

  3. As He permits. Pray with me...Lord Jesus, help us to stand. We want to live lives that are holy and testify to who you are. Give us the words to say those around us. Words spoken in love both to our fellow believers and those on the outside. We want to recognize the Spirit's moving in our lives and respond word and deed. Thank You, Lord Jesus. In Your name we ask these things.

  4. Are we sensitive to the Spirit of God? As we grow in grace, we should love truth and righteousness all the more. At the same time, hating unrighteousness all the more. Are we truly given over to Him? When we become sensitive to His Spirit working in our lives, we should act accordingly. To not is to grieve the Spirit and feel it. A missed opportunity to perform a work of righteousness won't go unnoticed by the mature child of God. So, in light of this, let's provoke one another unto righteous living. Let's carry one another's burdens, weep with those who weep, rejoice with those who rejoice, holding steadfast to the faith which has been given to us, continuing in the Word of Truth, building one another up in love, looking for His glorious appearing.

  5. I speak to myself probably more than anyone else, but I hope that others hear. I share in your dilemma.

  6. I'm listening my way through the Torah just now and I am again amazed by God's simultaneous mercy and justice--and extreme on both. Before this, I listened through the four gospels too many times to count and saw the same mercy and justice. It's not the traipsing around the NT that's the problem; it's seeing what the text actually says instead of what feels comfy and "normal."

    The more I engage Scripture with open ears and eyes the more I learn that God is not normal.

  7. Let's hope the church catches on. Let's hope that we catch on.