On my plate lately - Solitude Retreat edition

Friday dinner: Salad of mixed greens and heirloom tomatoes with a dressing of melted butter and caramelized onions; Rib eye steak, cooked in butter and seasoned with fresh thyme. I ate the salad and tasted the steak: it was very large.

Saturday breakfast, leftover steak fried up with fresh Italian sausage, served with sauerkraut and cucumber.

Saturday lunch: salad of mixed greens, heirloom tomato, greek olives, and raw milk gouda, with a dressing of melted butter and sauteed onion and garlic

Saturday dinner: soup made of leftover steak and sausage mince with some onion, all in a broth made from the rib eye bone (cooked 6 hours) and a luscious can of coconut milk. This was awesome!

Sunday breakfast: more Italian sausage, fried up with leftover soup from the night before. I could not eat all of this, so I took the remainder home and had it Monday night as a soup with some bone broth--again, Awesome.
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