A place for gathering the bits from the waste book

If I can muster the discipline, this is what I want my blog to be: the recipient of the contents of a waste book, a place to systematize the random ideas, observations, and encounters of the day. Of course, this means having the discipline to capture the bits.

I am torn between leveraging Evernote and playing in the Moleskine for use as a waste book. But then, maybe a combination of both is in order, for the type of thinking done with pen and paper is often different (for me) than the type of thinking done with finger and smart phone.

Time will tell.

For those wondering what a "waste book" is...

"Tradesmen have their 'waste book' (scrawl-book, composition book I think in German), in which they enter from day to day everything they buy and sell, everything all mixed up without any order to it, from there it is transferred to the day-book, where everything appears in more systematic fashion ... This deserves to be imitated by scholars. First a book where I write down everything as I see it or as my thoughts put it before me, later this can be transcribed into another, where the materials are more distinguished and ordered." (quoted in Notebook (style) on Wikipedia and in From The Waste Books on Orange Crate Art).

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