Thinking, Sharing, Lost Arts, Freedom, Choosing, and Spider Condos

Thinking: I discovered something yesterday: input blocks processing. Here's what I mean. When I spend my so-called pondering time browsing through others' ideas, whether lofty or mundane, my own processing is shut down. Apparently, I need to take time to sit, walk, whatever, without ideas flowing in my eyes or ears.

Sharing: Drivers take note. If pedestrians must look both ways before entering your space in the cross walk, then you ought to look both ways before entering ours in the sidewalk. I'm getting tired of the close up view I get of drivers as they back out of driveways without looking. Seriously.

The lost art of hedges: At one time hedges were pieces of art in the common yard. Nowadays, it seems like people go out, hedge trimmer in hand, at about 3 in the morning, still super groggy, and shape away. Either that, or there is seriously very little taste in proper hedge trimming.

Encounter Freedom: Sometimes I feel myself getting caught in the trap of needing to capture everything. At these times I need to tell myself, "Not everything needs to be captured with camera or sentence. Some things need only be encountered."

Lesson learned: Yesterday, I barely missed my morning bus. Wanting to get to campus early, I took an alternative route, not considering that the walk to campus would be much longer. Sometimes waiting for the best way is faster than taking the first way that comes along.

Arachnid living quarters: The evergreen bushes, resident in many yards, are actually spider condos. Creepy, but nifty.

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