Transit Adventures - 3/13/12 Edition

I arrived at Norwalk Greenline Station tonight, on my way to Bible study, only to find it locked up tight: they found a suspicious package at the train station. No buses or cars were allowed in or out of the station, the train was not coming to the station, and passengers were left out on Imperial. Stranded miles from my destination, with no hope in sight, I buggered out of Bible study and looked for a way home.

So, I waited for the bus bridge. After standing out on Imperial for an hour, the Metro supervisor came and told us the package was cleared and the station was open. Happy day.

Finally home 2.5 hours after leaving campus.

Thankfully, this is a rare occurrence.

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  1. Here is another strange packet - left on your blog. Do you dare to open it? :-)


    A challenge of the modern life
    is noise, in which you have no choice
    other than to be in strife.
    You loose preponderance in the noise.