"Classic" world-describing structures

Each world has its classic feel, its own simplicity. My life has at least four worlds: mountains, suburbs, university, and church. Each has structures that communicate something of its heart (not the whole of it, mind you, just something).

The Mountains

Rustic wooden stairs, up the mountain side, surrounded by trees and ground cover.

White grandma house, with a classic porch, surrounded by Vinca, trees, and shrubs.

The Suburbs
The Quonset workshop, locked behind a barred gate, filled with welding gear.
Strip mall trash shed, with locked double doors.
The University
Biola's bell tower, contemporary design and original bells from the downtown tower.

The Word, by Twitchell, gracing the side of Bardwell Hall and overlooking the Student Union

The Church
The front, where some of us lead the rest in a bit over an hour of focus on God.

The stained glass windows, presenting their visual theology.

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