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I just watched a video by @TheScienceGuy, Bill Nye, who, like many others, argues against creationism (one form, anyway). Well,  some hold firmly to creationism, as I do, yet do not deny adaptation by genetic variation. We do not deny the amazing chemical, physical, biological, etc processes that take place in the universe. In fact, we claim that these are part of God's very good creation. We do not deny knowledge gained through observation and reasoning. These also are part of God's very good creation.

We do claim at least three key things that seem to make some scientists uncomfortable. 1) We claim that at the beginning of the physical universe stands a sovereign, creating, relational God. 2) We claim that this same God is sovereign, creating, and relational today and we claim that he deserves and requires that his creation be in proper relationship with him.3) We claim that he himself made a way--the only way--for those who have broken this relationship to be restored to relationship with him (relationship is life). This way, this only way, is Jesus.

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In reality, creationists have a larger, more amazing, and more complex view of the universe than those who deny creationism. We also remain open to, indeed expectant about, the discoveries of science.

In the video, Bill Nye says that creationism is inappropriate for children. I wholeheartedly disagree, for since God did create everything, it is denial of creation, not creationism, that is inappropriate, for denial of creation is denial of reality. One must wonder how much creation-denying scientists are missing in their study of reality, for they are viewing reality through an inadequate philosophical lens.

I challenge scientists to do a thought experiment: Assuming (for the sake of the experiment) that a sovereign, creating, relational God exists, how should the data available from observation and reason be interpreted?

Update 9/5/12:Folks from the Creation Museum have also responded to Bill Nye's video.(ht: 22 Words)

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