Asking questions about human connections

Ponderings on Ephesians 4:16

Assumption: Human connections are necessary for individual and communal health.
  • Why are they necessary? Humans are simultaneously individual and communal.
  • When are they necessary? Throughout life, both temporal and eternal. Therefore, needing each other is not part of our brokenness; it is part of our very nature.
  • What form is necessary? Embodied presence. We always need in-person connections, though not all connections need be in-person.
  • Who needs connections? All humans, regardless of age, status, etc. require connections for health.
  • How do connections work? I don't know...yet.
Note: I dug this out of the draft folder. No clue when I wrote it, but since it is relevant to my current research on the link between community and integrative thinking, I thought I'd finally post it.

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