So, I at Douglas Station waiting to get on the Greenline and as the train pulled in, I walked over to my spot, coffee cup in one hand and clipboard in the other (for the nearly continuous homework of the last week of the term). Anyhow, I wanted to put the cup in the cup holder on my bag, so I thought--for ever so short of a moment--that I'd set the clipboard down on the stair rail. All of a sudden a fully formed bit of pessimistic prescience stopped me in my tracks. "What if the clipboard drops and I need to run down the stairs to retrieve it??? I will surely miss my bus and may fall!!!" I decided to wait until I got on the train. Then I realized, I get these pseudo-visions fairly frequently. Most--if not all--the time they are patently pessimistic, which is a bit odd. But then again, they help me make basic wise choices. And, yes, I've been thinking entirely too much lately.

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