At a recent worship gathering, the leader asked, "What does worship mean to you?" I must say the question stymied me. I have no idea how to answer such a question. I tried to clarify by asking whether he meant, "How do you worship?" or "Why do you worship?", but he kept coming back to what it means.

This notion that pops up in contemporary Christianity: that depth comes by saying what something means to us. Maybe we're looking for significance, I don't know. We ask what a passage 'means' to us. We ask what someone 'means' to us. Bluh!

NOTE: for those who were at the gathering, I'm not slamming, really, just trying to get a handle on these types of questions, why we keep asking them, and what we really want to know.

So, why do we keep asking these types of questions?
What do we really want to know?

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