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I'm getting ready to develop a lesson series on worship for the TFB College Ministry and will be gathering web stuff here. If you have any ideas, links, thoughts, questions, etc, please leave them in the comments. When I'm done and it's given its first go 'round, I'll post it.

Ryan Bolger on why we should create meaningful worship for believers TheBolgBlog: Please, no more doing church for 'them' (my ponderings are posted)

Prayer Methods and Spiritual Practices from MethodX

Understanding Church Cultures (CT article)
Where 20 or 30 are Gathered (Leadership article)

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Passages I'm looking at:

Leviticus 23
Acts 2:41-47
The Psalms of Ascent



  1. You have to check out Kathleen Chapman's book on Worship with kids. It is called "teaching kids authentic worship". (You should be able to track it down in the Biola library. It is written for those who work with kids, but it is the best challenge to what worship is that I have come acrossed.

  2. thanks... it's checked out right now, but I'll most certainly put dibs on it. btw, howdy!