There is an expert trap in the blogosphere that is all too easy to fall into--–especially for those of us who are in academia (as a student, I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that learning is the same as knowing--–it'’s not). Added to that is the tendency to let people'’s voices stand, even when their reasoning and support are lacking. If we are to engage in true conversation, then there must be space for critiquing, questioning, thinking outloud. It is all too easy for bloggers to pontificate--to act as if our opinions or experiences are the way things are everywhere. The blogosphere has such capacity for engagement--for conversation. When I get caught up in hearing my own voice, that capacity is thwarted. So, how do we--how do I--word my statements in a way that invites conversation, rather than playing the expert.
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"People of God beware of claiming too much expertise for yourself, and beware of following others non-critically who lack the true authority and expertise necessary to lead the church aright."

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  1. I'm equally challenged. I don't claim to be an expert and my heart is to learn. But I'm also aware that as soon as we start blogging then we unwittingly set ourselves up as an authority. As soon as we write concerning scripture it is like preaching from any pulpit. We must have integrity and a willingness to be corrected.

    I'm finding discussion on the OneYearBibleBlog very helpful, and I was expecially blessed by your comments yesterday. Thank you.