This morning as the sleep wrung itself from my eyes a deep angst hovered over my soul. It remained nameless while I dressed, walked downstairs, gathered my things, and walked to the bus. Halfway to Starbucks, the angst made itself known:
Am I teaching the book or am I teaching what the book teaches?
Last night at the Gathering, we studied 2 Timothy 1:3-12. We had preparatory activities and application activities. I “covered” the passage. It was all well planned and went fairly smoothly, but…

All the well-planned, smoothly running movements never intentionally taught what the passage teaches. They hit around the meaning. I taught the structure. I did not teach what the passage teaches. This is most unfortunate, for what the passage teaches is important.

So, what is my next step?
  • Prepare an outline of the teaching of the passage.
  • Teach that outline.
  • Show the students where the teaching is in the passage.
  • Make space for the students to engage the text and its teaching.
  • Provide tools and space for the students to engage with God and one another, hearing God speak into their daily lives.

For my students who read this blog, I covet your wisdom and your feedback. Let us follow God together.


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