Back on November 20, I took up Joe Carter's challenge (read about it here). I decided to start small (to make success as easy as possible), choosing to read the smallest book in the bible, 2 John. Though my criteria for choosing this book were completely utilitarian, God has spoken nonetheless. I've decided to continue the challenge (next maybe moving on to a much large book: Matthew...but we'll see). In addition to the reading, I'll be posting some of the thoughts that rise to the surface in my reading.

Stuff I noticed
  • Love
  • Deceivers = deny the incarnation
  • Walk in what you know
  • Truth
  • Personal (face to face)
  • Truth is a person, not merely a set of facts.
  • We do not choose what love looks like; God does.
  • Why no Spirit mentioned?
  • How might v9 relate to “This is my Beloved Son. Hear him.”?
  • What is “the teaching”?
  • Teacher qualifications
  • What is the cultural importance of “the greeting” today
  • Does “house” more accurately refer to “church” today? Either way, to what implementation?
  • There is an essential connection between truth and love.

Listening to and reading Mark H and his fellow preachers talk about the importance of being over doing, I think this comes into play here. The “truth” we are to walk in, is, I think, the truth that is Christ—the one in whom we abide. Those who lie about their “being” or about the one in whom they abide are not to be welcomed into the church. This seems harsh, but being truthfully—which is love—is of key importance.

For a while, I have read “abide in the teaching” and have thought immediately of doctrinal orthodoxy. While I am quite sure it means at least this, I think it means more. I must remind myself that “abide” means “live, take up residence, dwell.” When one lives in a place, one does not merely follow the rules and keep the customs. One also walks about, looking at kittens and roses and sunsets. One sits on the porch and chats with passers-by. One works and eats and sleeps. One laughs and weeps.

What, then, does it mean to “abide in the teaching”?
I fear I have no idea.


I challenge you to join me.
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