Before this morning, I would have called it a retreat, but I don't think I want to retreat anymore:

Retreat: The process of going backward or receding from a position or condition gained.

Resurgence: 1. A continuing after interruption; a renewal. 2. A restoration to use, acceptance, activity, or vigor; a revival.

And I will not be silent
I will not be quiet anymore

Pray for the tfb college group, that God would grab us by the cheeks and turn our faces to gaze upon his face. We're off to Lake Arrowhead.

defs via the free dictionary

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  1. Well Lord, they're expecting revival. Need I ask? Give it to 'em! Thanks.

    Blow them away with Your presence. Make righteousness a new reality and a new hunger. Grab them in spirit, body, and soul, that they would turn towards your face. Anoint them with fresh oil. If just one is prepared to go off their map, then use it to take all of them off their map. Mess with them Lord and send them back totally transformed, totally overjoyed.