Edited by Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones, Baker Books (April 1, 2007)

UPDATE: Scan Results posted

My copy arrived late yesterday via UPS.

From the introduction by Tony Jones:

In a variety of voices, this group of friends is attempting to sing a song together. There are times, I'm sure, when the harmonies don't match, when someone seems to be singing out of tune. but that's not really the point for us. The point is that we're singing and we're singing together. We get better at singing only by doing it and listening to those around us. You might think of Emergent Village in general, and this book in particular, as a choir with no conductor. (p.14)

From the afterword by Doug Pagitt:

  • We can't count God's friends as our enemies. (p.305)
  • We can't allow our knowing to stop growing. (p.305)
  • We can't forget the poor or the past. (p.306)
  • We must know God and tell the story of God. (p.306)
  • We must see the world as hopeful even when it is hurtful. (p.306)
  • We must exist for the benefit and blessing of all the world. (p.307)

There is, of course, much more. Honestly, my required reading permits only a scan of those parts of the book between the introduction and the afterword. This will be accomplished in the next 24 hours. I so wish I had more time to jump into this book. But alas, twill need to wait for summer when thesis research is the #1 task.

The book, of course, has a blog.


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  1. Laura, I hope that you enjoy the book, when you have time to get to al of it.
    I trust you will find it well worth it.

    And, good luck with your thesis.

  2. Doug, I am quite positive of its worth. A glance through the table of contents shows such breadth, depth, and diversity that one hardly knows where to begin. I wish I could devour it right now, but alas Matthew's Gospel and Lesslie Newbigin have first dibs (along with the prophecy of Amos, which I'm discussing with Sanctify!).

    I am glad to see the years of pondering and conversing bubbling up in books. So much to read. So little time.