• 10:1-4 Apostles named
  • 10:5-25 Apostles sent: immediate mission (5-15); continuing mission (16-25)
  • 10:26-42 "Whoever" sent
  • What comes before? Matthew 8-9 show the authority with which Jesus spoke in chapters 5-7. In 9:35-38 Jesus shows compassion on the crowds and commands the disciples to ask the Lord of the Harvest (Jesus) to send workers.
  • 10:1-4 the twelve disciples are named apostles
  • 10:5-25 the apostles are instructed on and sent on the immediate mission to Israel
  • 10:16-25 the apostles are instructed concerning the continuing mission to all nations and they are warned of opposition
  • 10:26-42 the apostles are instructed concerning the continuing mission by "whoever" follows Jesus
  • What comes after? Matthew 10 shows increasing opposition to Jesus

  • Israel is first
  • Israel rejects and persecutes
  • they are to expect opposition
  • "send" - 9:33; 10:5, 16, 40; 11:1
  • Gentiles are second
  • "their synagogues" - differentiating the mission of Jesus from practiced Judaism


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