FOODPAIRING--asparagus and blueberry

Key ingredients: Asparagus and Blueberry
  • Roasted Vegetables in Tomato Sauce: asparagus, eggplant, golden potato, vanilla bourbon, tomato paste; veges were "marinated" in Lapsang Souchong tea. FEEDBACK:First, I should not have added the tomato was not needed and merely muddled the flavors. Second, remember to properly prepare the asparagus, using only the tender portions (tho, peel the tough parts and they will be fine). I did not do this and ended up chewing on rather tasty dental floss :-). Otherwise, good dish; it only needs a few tweaks.
  • Blueberry Endive Salad: blueberries, nectarine, asparagus, endive, heirloom tomatoes, feta, fresh (grown by Ann) basil, in a tea infused simply syrup. FEEDBACK: First, cut the endive fresh each night; it has a tendency to turn into dark green mush. Flavor was good; texture was off. Otherwise, very good. Thinking over it, though, next time I may cut down on the number of ingredients, as the individual beauties are getting lost in the mix.
  • Nectarine, Blueberry, Plum Toss: blueberry, nectarine, black velvet apricot, in a vanilla bourbon simple syrup. FEEDBACK:This was beautiful. By today--the last of four--it was downright amazing. Next time I'll try it with vanilla beans instead of extract.
I'm out of town and eating other folks' food next week (8/11-15), but foodpairing will be back 8/17, featuring crab and peas.


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