I have read Colossians 3:5-17 many times, but it was not until yesterday that I realized Paul was commanding affections. It came to be while re-chewing the passage during Charlie's sermon. I first noticed that community relations were the setting for these put-on/put-off commands. In verses 5-8, community is implicit, while in verses 9-17 it is explicit (7, 13, 15, 16). I then noticed that everything from sexual immorality (v.5) to thankfulness (v17) was a desire, an emotion, a tending of the heart toward someone (even if self).

Later that morning in Collegium, we talked about the importance of getting the Word into our hearts through chewing, ruminating, and digesting. Reading is not enough. Memorizing is not enough. The only way God's Word will reach my heart and become part of who I am is if I chew it (study) and I ruminate upon it (think). Only then will my soul be in a position to do the autonomic task of digestion. Intentional activity comes first. After all, even babies need to chew/suck and swallow.

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