Key Ingredient: Artichoke
  • Fruit Toss: plums and blueberries in a sauce of artichoke heart, black tea, and cinnamon (all blended and strained). FEEDBACK: these berries had tough, odd skins, making the dish barely tolerable despite good flavor.
  • Vegetable Toss: artichoke hearts, asparagus, yellow and green bell pepper, and green lentils in a sauce of lentil water, whiskey mustard, and clove. FEEDBACK: this was a bit bland at the first until I added more mustard and lightly stir fried it in a bit of olive oil; then in was fabulous.
  • Pickles: salted seedless cucumber and artichoke heart chunks in balsamic vinegar and caraway seed, with a touch of honey--served over plain yogurt. FEEDBACK: this turned out very good and, in combination with the yogurt, was downright tasty.


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