Colossians 3:1-5

constant rumination,
building up habits of heart
(for good or ill).

no way to reach in and repair,
yet mind-will-emotion send in materials
and God works his end.

Passage Outline

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3:1-5 Seeking and setting one's mind on above-things ought to result in putting to death the earthly.
= 3:1a-4b We are able to seek and set because we died with Christ and we will be like him.
== 3:1a-2b Seeking above-things is necessarily accompanied by setting one's mind on them.
=== 3:1a-c If we have truly resurrected with him, we sill seek above-things.
=== 3:2a-b Setting one's mind on above-things involves both to and from movements.
== 3:3a-4b Our dead and hidden-in-God life results in a glorious appearing with Christ.
===3:3a-b This dying is necessarily followed by being hidden in God.
===3:4a-b Christ's appearing results in our appearing with him in glory.
=3:5a-b The earthly, which we put to death as a result of Christ's life in us, consists of self-serving, corrupted desires.

Pastor's Charlie's Recommended Responses
  • Begin and end each day with God.
  • Practice constant prayer-for-heavenly-perspective.
  • Spend time around other above-thinkers.
  • Treat your old life as dead.
Develop a new tape
  • Our real life is in Christ.
  • Our real home is with Christ.
  • Our real valuables are in heaven.

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