KIERKEGAARD--Sickness Unto Death, read one

In this first reading of Kierkegaard's Sickness Unto Death, I intended to come to a basic understanding of terms and flow of thought. First some tentative definitions:
  • Self: a derivation of knowing self-reflection and dependence upon the self-establishing power
  • Despair: the sickness unto death; a mis-relation of self-with-self and self-with-source
  • Sin: selfwillfulness; despair before the face of God; not-Faith
  • Faith: a willingly honest self, resting transparently in God
Flow of Thought

After defining despair and describing its forms, Kierkegaard goes on to show the universality and inherent sinfulness of despair. He concludes that the only real solution to despair is faith in God.


As stated above, this is my first reading of Sickness Unto Death. A closer reading is scheduled for December.

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