Key Ideas
  • 22:1-14 God's people misunderstand the fall of Babylon (ch 21) and respond with rejoicing instead of the necessary repentance.
  • 22:15-25 Even with the faithless model removed (Shebna) and a faithful model in place (Eliakim), the people and leaders choose faithlessness to their downfall.
  • 23:1-14 The commercial strength of a nation will not protect it against God's judgment of its arrogance.
  • 23:15-18 Even after restoration, the disciplined nation returns to its old ways; yet, the benefits are taken away and given to the faithful.
Spiritual Formation Questions

Community Connections
  • Given that each person is responsible for the community and the community is responsible for each person, what changes ought to be made in our church to communicate the meaning, significance, and proper response to God's truth?
Functioning Persons
  • What influence is my walk with Christ having on my church and its faith in Christ?

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