Mental Transformation--round one complete

Back on February 14, 2007, I started listening through the Bible (ten times through each book). This afternoon I finished the project. I am changed.

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  1. That's awesome. How many times did you end up listening to each, and what are you going to do next?

  2. In the beginning, I listened to each 20x, but cut it to 10x (can't remember where the cutoff occurred.

    Next up is what I'm calling an Eternal Purpose Loop, consisting of Genesis 1-2, John, Ephesians, Colossians, and Revelation 21-22. I'm going t listen to the loop until I get it, however long that is.

    Once the Loop is complete, I'm going to do a few speed listens through the entire bible (OT=Tanakh sequence and NT=date written).

    The Loop starts tomorrow.

  3. "Listening" - do you mean listening to a recording? Joe Carter seems to mean reading.

  4. Andrew, I do mean listening, as to a recording. Joe does mean reading, so my version (listening 10x, rather than reading 20x) might be considered "cheating" but, since I was in the midst of a ThM when I started, I felt it was a good option.

    Someday I will take up Joe's actual challenge, though I am not sure when that will be, as I've applied to a PhD program. Honestly, having a desk job that works with numbers leaves my verbal capacities open about eight hours a day, so I'm leveraging my time.

  5. Andrew,

    You've sufficiently chastised me. While I shall continue my listening projects, this Wednesday (1/28) I shall start a lifelong 20x project, beginning with Ephesians (inspired by Viola's Reimagining Church and in keeping with my current writing projects). What comes after Ephesians, I've yet to discern (I'm sure it will become clear).


  6. For anyone interested, I am listening through the English Standard Version, read by Max McLean ( Compared to other mp3 versions I've used, this is not only the least annoying in the reading style and accompanying background music (which is very subtle), but is also read in a way that communicates meaning. I highly recommend it.

    As an addendum, I would also highly recommend reading the paper version. I started 20x through Ephesians last night and the experience is quite different.