Why do we put so much stock in and pressure upon professional ministers?

The longer I study Ephesians 4:1-16, the more I realize how far we have strayed from its clear teaching: the members cause the body’s growth.


Alan Knox: Scripture... As We Live It #47 on Assembling of the Church
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Laura: Ephesians tag on LW

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  1. So Frank Viola "Reimagining Church" is on to something? ;-)

  2. Indeed "Reimaginging Church" is on to something, though, as I have
    stated previously, but I continue to believe that many of us are called to remain in the institutional church as the bold, yet respectful, loyal opposition.

    One thing I think must change is the notion of senior pastorate--especially in its one-man-at-the-top format. In a footnote on the second link above, I said, "One thing that we must change is the solo senior pastorate being one (which I believe to be unbiblical and wrong). We need a plurality of elders (“older holy one”) who really do lead—stepping out there first, putting themselves on the line, and living lives that look so much like Jesus that we cannot help but follow."

    Of course getting there, especially as the loyal opposition, is a long, difficult process. The idea that it may never come to pass must not be allowed to quash the passion. Here I stand.