John Mark Reynolds spoke our first plenary session.
I did not take copious notes.
I think I got this:

dialectic: question everything, expose assumptions to the light of day
hypothesis: create a positive explanation of how the world works (Emmaus)
mythology: craft a virtual world of story, poem, visual art, and sound that helps people experience how the world works

Two things on Emmaus:
  1. Their hearts were warmed as he unpacked Scripture.
  2. Their eyes were opened as he broke bread at table.

Conclusion: Both the unpacking of Scripture and fellowship at table are necessary for us to know the truth about who we are, who God is, and how we are to be because of that. Gathering at the dining table is just as holy as gathering at a bible study. We are fully human only when we are in relationship with Christ and in relationship with one another. Everything else is a shadow world.

Let us gather at the table, feasting on Word and on the bread. Let us be a people who can say to those who wonder about God and truth, "Come and see." For truly, it is in our being together as the people of God that we best glorify and explain the Triune God and declare his Kingdom to a starving world.


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