COLLEGIUM 110605 What is worship?

rev. 110505

Well, things have changed since the first post on worship curriculum (thanks to an excellent book recommendation by tinman).

Main Idea: God is absolutely worthy and we have an obligation to adore him.

How is worship related to the concepts of towardness and withness? Passages to consider:

  • Given the data from the passages and the terms, how do we know worship when we see it?
  • How is worship different from praise? thanks? _________?
  • What makes worship "worship" rather than something else?

Idea: use Psalm 5 to identify the various 'God-ward' activities
  • Entreaty
  • Assertion
  • Exclamation
Psalm 5, translated from the LXX

To the Telos, ‘concerning the inheritance’, a psalm of David
1 Pay close attention to my words
understand my crying
2 pay attention to the voice of my petition, my King and my God
for to you I will pray, Lord
3 in the morning you will hear my voice,
in the morning I will be present to you and I will watch
4 in no way are you a God willing wickedness
nor will evil make even a temporary home with you
5 nor will the lawless remain in the sight of your eyes
you hated all the workers of wickedness
6 you will destroy all those who speak lies
a man of blood and deceit the Lord detests
7 but I, in the fullness of your mercy, will enter into your house
I will bow toward your holy temple in your fear
8 Lord, lead me in your righteousness
because of my enemies
make my way straight before me
9 for truth is not in their mouth
their heart is useless
their throat is an open grave
their tongue is treacherous
10 judge them O God
let them fall from their deliberations
according to the fullness of their ungodliness
drive them out because they rebelled against you, Lord
11 and let all those hoping upon you be glad
they will be glad into the age
and you will dwell in them
and they will boast in you
all the ones who place your name first in their affections
12 for you will bless the righteous, Lord
as with an weapon of favor you surrounded us


Movements within the dicussion:
  1. Definitions: lift up (hupsoo), bow down (proskuneo), and declare (phero).
  2. Vocabulary of ideas: summary passages of salvation (Rev 5:9-10; Exo 20:2), names of God, and attributes of God
  3. Vocabulary of behavior: visual, kinetic, language-oriented, and logical
  4. Means: creating physical space and worship moments.

Insights from the Passages
  • What is worship? toward God, for God, about God, and due God
  • How are they worshiping? verbal, physical, emotional, cultural
  • Why are they worshiping? because he is worthy, because love must respond
  • When are they worshiping? in the eternal present (whenever we are)
Psalm 29
Psalm 5
Revelation 4:8-11
Revelation 5:8-14
Revelation 7:9-12
Revelation 19:1-5
Revelation 22:1-9

Blogs, etc. to check out:
God Oriented Assembly or Self-Experiencing Assembly

Resource book:
Teaching Kids Authentic Worship, by Kathleen Chapman

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