20-minute lectio divina
the readings

the thinking
  • Consequences may remain even when atonement is made.
  • God honors those who step up and do the right thing.
  • What “wrong things” are happening in this ministry?
  • Who needs to step up and do the right thing?
  • What does that look like?
  • Are we—am I—willing to risk the consequences both negative and positive? Are others willing?
  • What does “genuine” love look like? I suspect it might look quite differently than I expect.
the writing
“Let love be genuine.”

I propose two aspects to “genuine”. The first aspect is to be true to the nature of love. Love is what it is. It is not a warm feeling in your heart. It is, rather, a decision to act for the good of another whether that individual reciprocates or not.

The second aspect is to be true to the nature of self. This gets messy, for we are not complete. We are partial. Our humanity (imago Dei) has been corrupted and, even as atoned-for persons, the consequences of that corruption and the consequences of our too-little-practice of righteousness remain.

But still, when I love, I must love truly and as my self. What does this look like in ministry?
lectio one
lectio two


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