Reading Notes on Learning to Learn: Toward a Philosophy of Education, by Jerry H. Gill

Ecclesial Connections
  • Explicit knowing of intentional relatedness--theology
  • Tacit knowing of inherent relatedness--mood
  • Intuitive knowing of inherent unity--Spirit
  • Sensory knowing of intentional unity--gathering
Functioning Persons
  • Explicit knowing of intentional towardness--love
  • Tacit knowing of inherent towardness--desire
  • Intuitive knowing of inherent grace-gifting--Spirit
  • Sensory knowing of intentional grace-gifting--ministry
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NOTE: I have added intuitive and sensory to Gill's model.

Gill's identifications:
  • focal awareness + conceptual activity = explicit knowing
  • subsidiary awareness + bodily activity = tacit knowing
My identifications:
  • focal awareness + bodily activity = sensory knowing
  • subsidiary awareness + conceptual activity = intuitive knowing
See the wikipedia entry, Tacit Knowledge, for more.


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