Writing Poetry with a Tangent Matrix

A while ago, I started using the tangent matrix concept to write the poems for this blog.  I am finding the practice creatively effective (in a monkeybar sort of way), so I thought I'd pass along the process.

Below is the tangent matrix for Disciple-Making as Love.  The column labels were determined in advance of hearing the sermon and resulted from a devotional lectio on chapter 15 (Loving Yourself) in Practicing the Presence of People by Mason.  The row labels are sparse notes from a sermon preached by Paul R. Gupta at Torrance First Baptist on Sunday, April 11.

Using my Moleskine, I wrote the sparse notes in the row header and forced ideas into the cells as the sermon was being preached.  Since I limit most of my posts to 25 words, I counted the words in each row (this time, not counting the row title) as I went along.  Here is the matrix.


3rd world movementequippedactivecentered
god works in our faithfulnessstandingwalkingmoved
remain connectedhe loves me, he likes methrough mehis love
remain in the Wordfeeding my souloverflowinghis message
remain in his lovestaying opengivingreceiving

Under each matrixed poem, I list the Informants (row and column headings) used to create the poem.  

See the finished product: Disciple-Making as Love.

What tools do you use to write?

 Practicing the Presence of People: How We Learn to Love

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