10 minute lectio

the readings

"..one of the people of Israel..."
"...in the sight of...the people of Israel..."
"...turned back my wrath from the people of Israel..."
"...made atonement for the people of Israel."
the thinking
  • Individual action impacts the whole.
  • The group is most important. (hellerman)
  • I am my brother's keeper. (hellerman)
  • We are called to be zealous for God in the context of community.

the writing

It's really not about what any one of us wants. It's about what God wants for his people. This means being who he has made us to be and being gracious to others who may not fit our expectations. It means caring more for the group than we care about ourselves and putting the needs of the group first. It might mean caring for our brothers and sisters in Christ more that we care for our non-believing family members (as shocking as that may seem). It means being the people of God.

lectio one
lectio two
lectio three
lectio four


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