Top 10 Posts of 2009

This year I decided to include only those posts written in 2009.
  1. Twenty-five Biblical and Theological Resources
  2. Coconut Kefir, pure #primal nom
  3. Primal Lamb Meatloaf
  4. Beef and Beet Stew(esque)
  5. Cabbage-Broccoli Slaw
  6. Has the institutional church forgotten the purpose of its structures?
  7. Are we ready to pursue our walk with God in new and fresh ways or levels of intensity?
  8. Mental Transformation--round one complete
  9. Definition: Bible Reflection
  10. Evangelicals Engaging Emergent--I was cited...who knew!
Laura's (Tangential) Writings started 2009 with 387 reads a month (101 absolute unique visits) and ended with 698 (312 absolute unique visits): still small, but growing. Nearly 20% of the readers have visited more than 201 times. Nearly 18% spend at least one minute reading the posts. Overall for the year, 45% were returning readers and 55% were new.

Thanks to all the readers, especially those who engaged in conversation on the blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

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